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One of the most difficult things that you may have to is to sort out matters once a marriage or relationships ends. It is a very stressful time and you may want to seek advice. For many the first action is to seek this help from a solicitor. An alternative is to represent yourself and use the support of a Mckenzie Friend.

What Does a Mckenzie Friend do?
A Mckenzie Friend is not legally qualified but they are able to offer lay advice and support you before and during any Court hearings. If your case does need to go to Court, you will be a Litigant In Person and you will need to be able to present your case in the Courtroom. Your Mckenzie Friend is able to sit with you in the Court and offer advice and support as well as taking notes. Occasionally some Judges may allow your Mckenzie Friend to present your case and speak for you.

What can I Offer
There are a number of practical issues that I can assist with. These include
- Preparing for Mediation
- Understanding the Court Processes and the options available to you
- What forms you'll need and when
- Suggesting and advising on potential outcomes
- Assistance with preparing statements and other material
- Advice on how to manage your relationship with the Court, CAFCASS and other organisations
- Being with you in the Courtroom

Never underestimate the benefits of just talking through your situation with somebody who has experienced the situation and processes before!

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